How should I use the 5 days?

You can use it according to our suggestion here. If you have an idea on how you want to use your days, just let us know about it on which part that you want to spend more time on. 


To put it simply: 30 days is the maximum time that we can stretch out to launch your website. 5 Days Development is also included in this 30 days period timeframe.

what if i exceed the 30 days period?

There’s no easy way to say this; there might be an additional charges for every extra day that is spent on your project, once it uses up all 30 days period.



Creating websites require commitments from both parties, and that includes fast deliverables from us, as well as feedbacks and approval from our clients.

Time is the essence of our offerings, and we allocate decent resources to concentrate on projects, so it can be delivered as promised, within 5 working days.

is domain name included?

Yes, in case you haven't bought any domain name yet.

 And it’s only free for the first year. Normal charges apply starting the second year.

But if you've bought one, tell us about it and we'll handle the configuration for you.

WHat can i do with the remaining days?

We've been consulting clients on website projects for years and we believe that 5 days is as optimum as it gets to get a website up and running.

In case there's excess to it, we will use it together to do reviews and testing, making sure everything is right before launching.


why do i have to pay for the subscription fee?

We're using Squarespace as the platform to build your website, and it comes with a yearly fee for using their ready-made system.

Why Squarespace? Easy, it's practical, user-friendly, responsive and everything that fits your basic & expected needs for a website.

I want a website where i can have total control.

Of course you can! After the website is live, we'll make you as the contributor, so you can do the editing yourself. 

We get it how people enjoy flexibility when it comes to paid services, like creating a website.

do i have to come by jingga office every time?

Actually, we will come by to your office and do the work, side-by-side. You get to experience how your website is made, and all the itty-bitty details of a website design process.

P/s: it's never as easy as how you imagined. 



any warranty for my website?

Yes, your website is under warranty, for as long as you're subscribed to JinggaWeb. 

We like making things simple, hence the One, Simple Pricing. 



can my website really go live in 5 days?

Oh yes, your website can so go live in 5 days.

Just make sure when you're ready to create a website with us, the basic contents should be ready.

Click here for basic website contents checklist.

i can do it myself then if it's just this.

Why should you do it on your own, when it's an all-rounded service here? You can focus on bringing customers / clients to your website, while we do the technical parts.

The best part, you will have control and access to your website, so that's 2 strikes for you.


What if i have a lot of contents to be updated every time?

You can subscribe for our Premium Maintenance package for that.


what will i get from maintenance subscription?

Every website needs to be updated from time to time. That's what we'll use the hours that you've subscribed for. 

You'll get someone (us) to update your contents and design new banners for your website.

what happens if i choose to unsubscribe?

We hate saying goodbye to our clients, hence making sure that you're happy with our service is our No. 1 goal. 

In case you still decide to unsubscribe, your website will be put on hold, just in case you decide to trust us again.



Of course. However, you have to be aware that additional charges apply on each language.

Charges also depend on how many pages your website will have. Have a look at the pricing page for more details.

Why do I have to pay extra for multilingual website?

As our designers will have to create more pages, depending on the number of languages, more resources will have to be allocated for fast and professional deliverables.


You can build a website with us that will have as many as 5 languages.

For additional charges have a look at the pricing page.


Good to go?