A step by step guide.


Get your contents ready

This is the vital step when creating a website. Your website can't move if there is no content.


Talk to Jingga

Tell us what kind of website that you want and send us a message. We'll be in touch.


Kickstart meeting

Our amazing team will pay you a visit and get to know your business better, and reflect those on your website.


One month dedicated for you

During the time, we will go through the process together, and create amazing, stellar (you name it) website for you. Remember, the contents will be the main ingredients to creating your website.


Your website is now live

Yes, you read that right. Only 25 days needed to get customers for your business.


Here comes the best part :


You too, can allocate those 25 days yourself! Just let Jingga know which activity you want to spend more time on and which ones that you want to spend less.